The so called “training” I went to in Orlando, Florida last week with over 800 other interns from across the country was quite the experience. My ONLY goal was to be more confident about my first engagement (my first work with a client) than I was before I arrived, and unfortunately that goal was not met. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not hating on the training program. I definitely don’t think I could imagine something much better. I just didn’t realize how MUCH material could be taught to me in one week. The week-long auditing crash course had me thinking I was going to be a terrible intern.

Luckily, my first engagement began today and it was much simpler and easygoing than I was imagining. That’s the most important thing I am learning about myself – that I always imagine things or events to be scarier than they really are.

This fear applies to everything in my life – including meeting new people.

Confession: I’m usually really nervous to talk to someone I don’t know. I think that whatever I’m saying is probably awkward or weird and they’re probably waiting until the conversation was over. Buuuut, in these few short weeks I’ve realized that people DON’T THINK THAT.

(It’s all in your head, Brooke.)

I really enjoyed getting out of my comfort zone last week, and getting closer with my intern class from Fort Worth. I am so thankful for the group I was put in! I feel like I have really clicked with the girls and fit in naturally with them. They give me compliments, and make me feel normal for talking about things like stability-ball chairs and wanting to become a vegetarian and missing my boyfriend too much.

***SPOILER ALERT*** For all you future interns: At the National Intern Training, everyone gets a generous gift card to a professional clothing store to help you build your wardrobe.

Today, I was toootttaallyyy the stereotypical intern in every movie ever made carrying too much coffee and terrified of dropping it and ruining some partner’s morning. Another intern and I had to walk get 23 coffees from Starbucks this morning. My arms were literally shaking when I got back.

The first piece of “audit work” to be done by an intern was given to me today, and when the second year associate requested it of me I thought “Oh, shit. I’m going to have no idea what he is talking about.” But, he gave a minute spiel about the background and purpose of why he needed it done and what he would use it for (most of which was waaaay over my head, and he even said it wouldn’t make sense to me just yet). It ended up being easy-peasy.

Basically, I realized I’m going to be doing the things no one else wants or has time to do during these next few months. And I don’t know why, but I’m completely okay with that. It might be because I’d be too afraid to have any more responsibilities. But also because I know everyone has to start somewhere, and I know that everyone who works there was in my place once. So, my new goal is to do it with a better attitude than they had when they were in my place.