(The First Ever) International Day of Yoga

First of all, time is going by so quickly! I can’t believe it has been six months since I started my internship. So much has happened!!

Short recap:

I completed my internship and was extended  an offer of employment after I graduate. I accepted! I am looking forward to beginning my career at KPMG in Fort Worth with great people. I returned to Abilene mid-March and immediately started working full time in Accounts Payable and joined an auditing class.  I also took my very first graduate accounting class in a three-week Maymester. It was intense, but I decided not to work and focus on the class and relax a little bit. All of this really seems like a blur though, because I was also going through a break-up, and trying to grasp that I don’t know the plan for my life like I thought I did.

Now I am here, three weeks into summer vacation. I have been working in Abilene and taking an online class.  I’ve mostly been going to work, cooking, exercising, going to yoga classes, and watching a lot of Netflix (oh and homework). I am enjoying learning easy, quick recipes for lunch since I only have an hour and don’t want to eat out. I have been loving salads! I buy the mixed greens from the produce section, and top it with avocado, cucumber, tomato, black beans, nuts, or bean sprouts, depending on what I have. I also have been making my own dressing versus using bottled. My roommate showed me a recipe that is simply dijon mustard, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and a little maple syrup and lemon juice whisked together. It is so good! Another go-to lunch I’ve discovered is a simple mixture of garbanzo beans, feta cheese, avocado, s&p, and lime juice.

I also am realizing how much exercise and food contributes to your mood and happiness. My roommates and I had all started exercising more, so we wanted to add variety to our workouts by attending a yoga class up at ACU. I had only been once or twice before, when I was way out of shape and I didn’t really enjoy it. Being more able to do the poses and not get frustrated, I started to really enjoy going.

When I found out the instructor at ACU wasn’t going to be teaching this summer, I had to find an alternative. That’s how I found Sage Yoga Center. I became a member to attend unlimited classes per month, and have been doing yoga about 5-7 times per week. I feel like a completely different (positive) person!

The thing I love most about yoga is that it is not all about exercise. I think when people think they need exercise it becomes something they fight with and it’s not a fun way be fit. Yoga is more about being patient with discovering yourself, and finding harmony between your mind and body. It’s a really holistic approach to health and well-being. I struggle with anxiety, and I quickly noticed how I would leave yoga feeling calmer and less tense than when I walked in. At first, I couldn’t focus on my breathing, and it was really hard for me to let go of thoughts I was holding onto and allow them to just flow in and out freely. It’s still difficult, but it’s getting better! I am getting much stronger, but the great thing about yoga is there will always be room to improve in strength, flexibility, and balance.

Today is the first day of summer. It is now shared with the International Day of Yoga for the first time ever (and yoga has been around for 5,000 years)!  So, it felt appropriate to talk about this newly developed passion. Here are some things my instructors have said during sessions that I’ve held onto. They have really beautiful souls. I’m grateful for finding a way to help me through life. I am looking forward to all I will learn in the future, and I hope I continue to be persistent!

– Trust your own intuition

– Breathe in a breath of peace, a breath of hope, & a breath of courage

– Think of something you are truly grateful for

– The only way to truly experience well-being is by looking inward