Progress: Self-Inquiry

Progress: Self-Inquiry

IMG_7973About a month’s worth of my progress in a Headstand (Sirsasana).

Great news! Next Sunday, I will be headed to Colorado with the youth group from my church back home for Dry Bones! I went on this trip when I was a sophomore in high school and I absolutely loved it. It’s a great experience; combining Trek and a mission trip. I am so excited to have the opportunity to go into the mountains and enjoy God’s creation, as well as be without my phone to really self-reflect on how I’m doing.

So I have the Passion Planner that let’s me choose a focus for each week. I declared last week to focus on myself. And through that focus, I’ve decided that “self-inquiry” is not something people do often, but I am becoming more and more curious about it as I continue my yoga journey.

I never really heard the term until I started doing yoga, and now it’s something that has become a recent interest, and aid to my “balanced” lifestyle! I had heard phrases such as “listen to your body,” “it’s just you and your mat,” and “become aware of different things going on in your body” and it was difficult for me to understand at first. I realized that until now, I never really was consciously aware of my body! I just lived and looked outward most of my day.

Sitting down on my mat, focusing on only my breathing, and letting go of all outside thoughts before beginning a yoga class is one of the most powerful experiences I’ve had. We are such BUSY people, and we don’t take enough time out of our day for our own amazing bodies, that work so hard for us without us asking them to. This has made me much more aware of the sleep I am getting, what I am eating and drinking, my digestive system, my posture, etc.

Basically, yoga has tied together and help put some context around all of my healthy motivations. I feel much more positive and more able to care for people around me, which is ultimately what I want in life–to have strong relationships. But in the past, my anxiety and consistent fatigue has prevented me from engaging in relationships the way I’d like to.

“Who am I?” is an important question (I think) most everyone has asked themselves in their lifetime, and that’s exactly what self-inquiry helps answer. How great is that? It’s starting to help me find my true spirituality. I’m sure I will touch on this again when I’ve gathered more insight on this.

Some more good things I’ve taken from yoga:

  • The only way to experience true well-being is to look inward.*
  • Be nice to your body
  • Don’t be afraid or resistant to change, instead, breathe into the pain and awkwardness, and react differently than you normally would

* Repeat from last post because it’s so relevant to this post